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Glassware & Candle Making Supplies

At EAP Innovations, we are committed to excellence in our products in top of the line glassware and candle making supplies. We specialize in providing you these elegant products for your home to decorate it with and make sure that you are given the best for a reasonable price. Our glassware features some fancy designs from Libbey with wine glasses such as our Merlot Chardonnay 12-pc set and our 14-pc Vineyard Reserve set for less than $40. But if that wasn’t enough, our glassware also includes vases, servers, and punch bowls for special occasions such as weddings or fancy parties. You can also check out our glass baking pans, pie plates, and casserole bowls made just for you for when you need to cook those fancy dinners and treat your guests to those special meals. And for table or bedroom décor, we also feature beautifully designed glass candlesticks including our top-selling 4-inch candlestick manufactured by Crisa.

We also sell all the candle making supplies you might need;from from wax to wicks, from molds to dyes, from fragrance oils to wax melters. Our wicks include special brands such as Fil-Tec and Atkins & Pearce, but we also sell raw wicks and even samples for you to test. Our wax comes straight from the best brands in the industry; from our Ecosoya and NatureWax blends to our signature palm wax and other additives you may wish to add to your candles.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your celebrations with vibrant colors, or just looking to create a relaxing touch to your home, EAP Innovations has everything you need for any and every occasion. Search for your friend's Gift Registry or create your own.

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