Glassware for your Home

During weddings and social events, between holiday gatherings and memory-making moments, this is where the small details that encompass the occasion you are celebrating lie. There aren’t endless items you can use time and time again throughout the various events of your life, but there is always glassware. EAP Innovations brings you a diverse line of Libbey glassware. Our collection of Libbey glassware includes glass bakeware, bridal glass, glass serveware, vineyard reserve glasses, candle glass and more! Don’t catch yourself at the next family function with chipped rims and cracked mugs. Libbey glassware has everything you could already be looking for.

Check out Libbey's Beverageware line for all of your pub and beverage needs. One glance at the pub sets available and you'll be envisioning yourself and a group of friends gathered merrily on a weekend, sharing spirits and laughter. The next big question is: which cooler set, or what colored set, is right for you?

Next, take a peek at the Libbey glassware Floral Glass line. Fill your home with the beautiful scent of springtime flowers, showcasing them in a beautiful pinched or rose bowl vase. But then, why stop at two choices? Libbey’s Floral Glass line offers you over ten vase choices; no matter how large, wild, or thick your bouquet is, Libbey glassware will match perfectly. For extra color in your home, consider the soft royal grape or blue cylinder vases offered by Libbey glassware.

And if pubs and home decor are not your area of interest, don't forget the Libbey glassware Just Tasting! line. From plates to tasting bowls to cookbooks, Libbey's line has something for you.

No matter what your glassware needs are, EAP Innovations’ broad array of Libbey glassware options helps to support you. From your kitchen to your pub, from a family holiday to a private night alone, Libbey glassware is what you need.