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Brewmasters and true beer connoisseurs have known for a long time that the shape of the glass has a distinct and definitive affect on the taste of a beer. To celebrate the collision of science and beer, EAP Innovations is proud to present our collection of specially designed Libbey craft brews. Each one, a testament to a specific brew, and the aspects of that brew that inspire such fanatical devotion from the well-educated beer drinker. As an example, the tall pilsner glass shape provides great visibility, while the tapered design provides a wider platform for the head. The Weizen glass, created specifically for the highly carbonated German wheat beers, has a slender bottom to highlight the trademark hazy weizen color and a wide head to allow for the head to transport the tangy aroma directly to the nose. Science can be a good thing, especially if it helps us maximize our enjoyment of life's little pleasures.

Libbey introduces a collection of 6 unique beer glasses that will help enhance the aromas and flavors of today’s specialty and craft brewed beers from around the world. Specialty and Craft beers are becoming more popular for both men and women who want to experience the wonderful nuances of beer tasting. The Trappist Pub in Oakland, California specializes in 25 rotating taps, 160 bottles at the proper temperature... all served in the proper glassware for these specialty beers. All European breweries have a unique pilsner or mug to represent their special beer. Libbey’s Craft Brews Collection was designed to help consumers discover this unique and trendy collaboration between the right glass and the right beer. Available in beautiful, full-color litho cartons, our packaging will help consumers make the right selection.

Browse our Libbey Craft Brews selection below and choose the ones that fit your particular beer-loving tastes. Since this is EAP Innovations, you know that the prices are the lowest around, like the Craft Brew 6-piece set, with one of each type of beer glass, the classic pilsner, the English pub, the Belgian ale, the wheat beer, the porter/stout and the craft pub. At only $14.99 for the set, you can afford to sample all of your favorite crafted brews. If you already know your own preferences in fine beer, you can choose a set of the specific beer glass for your favorite style, like a 4-piece Belgian Ale glass set for only $12.99. There's even a book on craft brews, with a wealth of information on specific beer styles, and even tried and true food pairings for those beers. If you have any questions on our selection of Libbey craft brews, or any of the other fine glassware products, we welcome your call at 412-486-9003.
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Libbey Craft Brew Book
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Libbey Craft Brew Party 25-pc Set
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