Craft Brew Glassware

Browse our Libbey Craft Brews Glass selection below and choose the ones that fit your particular beer-loving tastes. Since this is EAP Innovations, you know that the prices are the lowest around, like the Craft Brew 6-piece set, with one of each type of beer glass, the classic pilsner, the English pub, the Belgian ale, the wheat beer, the porter/stout and the craft pub. At only $14.99 for the set, you can afford to sample all of your favorite crafted brews. If you already know your own preferences in fine beer, you can choose a set of the specific beer glass for your favorite style, like a 4-piece Belgian Ale glass set for only $12.99. There's even a book on craft brews, with a wealth of information on specific beer styles, and even tried and true food pairings for those beers. If you have any questions on our selection of Libbey craft brews, or any of the other fine glassware products, we welcome your call at 412-486-9003.