Candle Making Supplies

At EAP Innovations, we have a long history of candle making -- going back more than 50 years -- so we are thoroughly familiar with the types of supplies needed to produce excellent candles. We stock a full range of waxes, molds, dyes, containers, wicks and everything else you need to make high-quality, durable candles.

Our candle molds come in a wide variety of shapes, allowing you to make candles in square, round, hexagonal or other exciting forms. Choose from dozens of styles of wicks to get the precise burn characteristics that you are looking for. If you are considering scented or colored candles, take a look at our fragrance oils and candle dyes. Lovely scents like coconut cream and mango mint are a great way to add a bit of your personality to your creations. Don't forget that the presentation of a candle can often enhance or detract from the overall ambiance. Choose from among our fine jars, tins, cylinders and votive candles to achieve the proper look for your candles. Whatever your style of candle making or individual preferences, we've got plenty of great items to capture your interest.

While we pride ourselves on the quality of our merchandise, we realize that there is more to a great company than just superb physical products. Here at EAP Innovations, we strive to satisfy even the most demanding customer. All orders placed before noon are shipped the same day. Feel free to contact the Customer Service staff at 412-486-9003 between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM ET. Or, you can use the contact form on our webpage at any time. We look forward to the opportunity to count you among our many satisfied customers.