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When you're making candles, you can always rely on Rite-Hete Wax Melters to make your process more efficient. The Rite-Hete VRS line of direct heat melters assures you of fast, even heat with no hot spots, cold spots or overheating.

The secret is Rite-Hete's multiple-circuit, blanket-type heating element that wraps completely around the 18-gauge stainless steel crucible, protected by a 20-gauge stainless steel shell and 3 inches of fiberglass insulation. And these Wax Melters start fast, to speed your production with perfect heating every time. They can handle whatever you need: soy wax, vegetable wax, palm wax, gels, soaps and any material requiring between 60 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You can add your colors and scents right into the melter, a real time-saver.

Your melted wax or gel keeps flowing smoothly and easily, too, thanks to a heated, no-drip ball valve dispenser.

Combine the VRS Wax Melters with our EZ Dispensing Systems and you've got the most efficient, fast-filling production system possible.

We're proud to offer you the Rite-Hete 120-volt Direct Heat Wax Melters in the following sizes to fit your volume:
  • 6 quarts = 12-lb.
  • 12 quarts = 19-lb.
  • 18 quarts = 30-lb.
  • 40 quarts = 65-lb.
  • 60 quarts = 106-lb.
The 40- and 60-quart size Rite-Hete Wax Melters feature dual heating elements, to guarantee fast, even heating for the larger capacities.

We'll even make sure that your wax melter SHIPS FREE!

When our experts at EAP Innovations saw these Rite-Hete Wax Melters, we knew we just had to bring them to our customers. Keeping you informed about the latest and greatest in candlemaking technology is part of our commitment to superior customer service. If you have any questions about the Rite-Hete Wax Melter or about your order, be sure to contact us online or by phone at 412-486-9003.
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12 Qt. 120V Wax Melter
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18 Qt. 120V Wax Melter
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40 Qt. 120V Wax Melter
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60 Qt. 120V Wax Melter
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