International Orders

Are you outside of the United States? Well you can still order from EAP Innovations!

Here’s the information for how you can order from EAP if you’re outside of the United States!

  • Your order must be a pallet shipment - NO ground, express, etc. deliveries

  • We can provide the NAFTA Agreement form and order invoice at the time of shipment if you are in Canada or Mexico

  • You are responsible for any other required paperwork for shipping

  • You are responsible for all duties and taxes

You Have 2 Shipping Options

  1. You are responsible for scheduling and paying for the truck to pick up at our Pennsylvania warehouse

  2. We can ship your order with prepaid shipping to a United States location and you can handle the shipment for going across the border once it arrives e.g. we can ship to a “freight forwarding company”.

Your Perks for Buying from EAP

  • You can still take advantage of our low priced Libbey glassware and candle making supply products

  • You are still eligible for our pallet quantity discounts on selected items

  • Once the order is paid in full we can have your shipment ready within 24 hours, if everything is in stock

  • We may be able to waive the pallet cost, of $8, from your order

If you are in Canada please order on our website if not call 412-486-9003 to place your order!