At EAP Innovations, we have a hard time understanding why some candle makers will put so much into their wax, their casing, their colors and fragrances...but then go with a low quality wick to top everything off. You work hard to create your art. You experiment and try new things all the time, looking for that perfect combination of sensory enticement that will cause the retailers swoon over your candles, and make their customers line up around the block. Our suggestion is to always use an excellent wick, like the Fil-Tec line of candle wicks carried below.

We offer a full line of Fil-Tec candle wicks, available in all possible lengths, diameters and dimensions, plus your choice of cotton or UltraCore materials. Cotton cores are made from 100% natural fibers and produce a very full-bodied flame. They are a favorite wick for makers of soy-based candles. The UltraCore is created with a special filament at its center that provides the candle maker an extremely impressive level of wick rigidity when the wax is being poured.

Any candle maker knows that there are a wide range of variables that determine which wick is a perfect fit for the candle, like the diameter of the container, the type of wax being used, the fragrance, even the dye type. The key is to try different wick types/sizes to determine which one is perfect for that particular style of candle design. With the low, low prices EAP offers on all of our candle making supplies, including the Fil-Tec wick collection, you can always afford to go with the best, so your best will be all that your adoring public ever sees. We also boast the most caring and attentive customer service department in the industry, so if you have any questions on any of the EAP Innovations products, or would like some assistance with your order, please call us at 412-486-9003
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