Because our EcoSoya CB-Advanced Soy is extremely resistant to white frosting and wet spots, it is your best choice when you want a highly durable candle product. In addition to its durability, the Eco-Soya soy candle wax contracts slightly to create a beautiful uniform appearance. Moreover, the candle wax necessitates just a single pour, has a good scent, and a lovely creamy white shading that will blend in well with your furniture and home decor. Those who like natural products will be pleased to note that our soy candle wax is made of carefully selected botanical oils and pure soybeans. The soy wax comes in either 10 lb bags or a 50 lb case. In addition to our soy candle wax, you may like our EcoSoya CB-135, which adheres to containers with no need for preheating. Moreover, our CB-135 soy wax is ideal for your massage candles and has been dermatology tested. Like the CB-Advanced Soy, the CB-135 comes in either 10 lb bags or a 50 lb case. These Eco-Soya products are top of the line, so start shopping now to find what you're looking for.

When it's time to select the perfect candle accessories and products for your home, you want to select a company known for offering the high quality products and great customer service that make shopping fun while ensuring that you get the things you need. EAP Innovations offers our customers all of these great things, so call us now at 412-486-9003.
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