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When it comes to getting the candle making supplies you need, you can't afford to settle for anything less than the very best. At EAP Innovations, we pride ourselves on our rich history of top-notch candle making supplies and a great variety of high quality candle products. Count on us to find what you need. We bring our customers a wide variety of candle making supplies including classic candle making supplies and modern innovations in candle making.

Palm wax contain a multifaceted blend of tropical oils, our Crystal Pillar Palm Wax is a natural product that gives you an opportunity to experience the joy and fun of palm candle making. This palm wax has an aesthetically appealing surface finish, color stability, and outstanding burning capabilities. With this functionality, our palm wax is your first choice when in search of the best product to help you make your home setting one marked by style and beauty. You'll be able to use our palm wax with almost all liquid candle scents operating at a 5-6% fragrance load. The Crystal Pillar Palm Wax is only one of several amazing products that we offer. In addition to the palm wax, you may be interested in our 15 MM wick tabs or our cotton odor neutralizer. When you purchase this wonderful neutralizer, you'll get 3 bonus points and keep your home smelling fresh and clean at the same time. Our amazing odor neutralizer comes in several delicious scents, including Spiced Apple, Ocean Odor, and Honeydew. In addition to great odor neutralizers, we offer customers a wonderful wax melt mold, which comes in a container of 700. These are only a few of the wonderful products we have, so don't wait any longer to start shopping for the products you're sure to love.

Candle lovers know that having the right candle accessories plays an integral role in lighting up your home with beauty and style. With EAP products, you're sure to find the simple, sophisticated accessories you need to make this happen. Our friendly staff is always ready to help you, so call us right now at 412-486-9003.
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20mm Wick Tabs, 8 oz
7-Day Vigil Candle Container
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