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Crystal Pillar Palm Wax
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Crystal Pillar Palm Wax

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About Palm Wax and Palm Candle Making

EAP's palm wax is a complex blend of tropical oils and their derivatives. This wax offers you a natural alternative to beeswax and soy wax. Palm wax possesses beautiful surface finish, excellent burning qualities and color stability. The palm wax carried by EAP Innovations presents exciting possibilities for fulfilling your discerning standards of quality as well as your expressions of beauty and style.

Palm candle making wax typically offers superb color stability through a wide range of colors from subtle light pastels, to brilliant primaries, to rich deep tones-distinctive in any chosen setting. However certain colorants that may have solubility issues with the palm waxes. Color blocks and buttons have all been tested in the waxes.

Palm waxes can be used with most liquid candle scents at 5-6% fragrance loads. We suggest testing the fragrance on an individual basis.

Palm waxes should be used with aluminum molds for maximum crystal design. Other metal molds can be used but controlled cooling must be exercised. The aluminum allows for slow cooling.

Palm waxes do have a high acid value so we suggest using wicks that have appropriate treatments.

Please note that our Palm Wax is primarily for pillar and votive candles. You can use it in a container but it will separate from the sides and may "rattle".

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