EAP Innovations understands the world of the candle maker, from the complex relationship between creator and market to the ever-changing landscape of candle-making materials. For over 50 years, We've been on the cutting edge of the candle industry, nurturing each artisan's creative direction and helping cultivate the evolution of environmentally friendly candle-making. In EAP's ongoing quest to use greener materials, we are proud to carry the NatureWax line of products from Cargill, featuring the C1 and C3 container blends. Both Cargill NatureWax blends are available in ten and fifty pound packages, and since we're EAP Innovations, you know you'll always get the best prices on the highest quality candle-making supplies and accessories.

The NatureWax C1 container blend is a 100% natural soy and palm-based wax that offers total pull away and minimal sink during cooling. It also conveys an excellent cold and hot throw. The NatureWax C3 blend is a 100% natural soy wax that provides full glass adhesion and allows you the ability to rip wicks and re-melt tops, which can help reduce wasted materials. Both the C1 and C3 NatureWax blends are completely compatible with most fragrances, even when those fragrances aren't specifically designed for use with soy wax.

EAP Innovations wants to always be your first choice for all of your candle-making needs. We offer the finest materials that surpass the strictest standards, with a selection of materials that will truly allow you to let your creative flag fly. Our focus is always your complete satisfaction, so check out the NatureWax products below and choose the style and quantity that fits your needs. If you have any questions on any of the candle-making products we carry, or need assistance in placing your order, you can call us at 412-486-9003 for immediate assistance.
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