Candle Wax

For over fifty years, EAP Innovations was known simply as Early American Candle, and provided professional candle makers with all of the superior quality waxes, candle molds, wicks, dyes, fragrances and all of the candle making supplies they needed to create the most artistic and distinctive candles for their valued customers. That tradition of affordable excellence continues to this day, with EAP Innovations selection of candle wax and additives.

Candles are created in a wide range of different styles, and the raw materials needed are just as diverse. Each candle wax or blend offers its own unique set of characteristics, from the texture to the burn, from color stability to scent throw, so choosing the right candle wax or blend is of critical importance to the successful creation of your next candle masterpiece. Browse through the sub categories below, and pick the perfect wax for your needs. Our Soy wax, featuring the Eco-Soya brand, delivers a slight contraction for a nice even appearance, plus an even burn and extremely consistent color retention. Our Palm wax selection, with its natural tropical oil base, provides a lustrous surface finish and outstanding color stability. If you're working on a line of container candles, the Paraffin-Soy blend is a perfect solution to fit your needs. We even offer an additives section, where you can find your UV Light Absorb and Vybar ingredients for that perfect finish.

No matter what your candle making style may be, EAP Innovations has all of the candle supplies you need to take care of business every time. If you have any questions on our candle wax materials, please call us at 412-486-9003 to speak with one of our knowledgeable and courteous candle professionals.